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I am co-founder of LatestDeals, the UK’s second biggest money saving community, and author of Money’s Big Secret. You can read my most recent press coverage here.

I also published #1 Amazon best seller How To Live For Free, co-founded creative design group FullScream UK, and worked as a bespoke suit tailor with Mullen & Mullen.

If you Google it, I am known in the media as Britain’s Sexiest Man (it’s a joke – have a read).

Life is most fun when you’re making something, preferably something nice. In 2014 I co-founded FullScream UK, a creative design agency. A collective of fashion renegades, artists and writers, we rejected the Google / Dropbox candy colours and embraced sex, minimalism and fine Italian attention to detail (FullScream also has a studio in Milan). Apps, websites, fashion films, commercials, logos, branding, we’ve done it all. The studio is headed up by Ced Ced Ced, who used to be Art Director of MTV World Design Studios. Take a look at the design work here. I sometimes write about design and relevant issues on Digital Arts magazine (read The Copyright Dilemma and The Artificial Intelligence Debate). I’ve also written dozens of design articles on Screams.

Before suits, book publishing and creative design I enjoyed a short but intense career in corporate communications. That means PR to you and I. Working for a big supermarket, a fast-food chain with golden arches, a taxi-app, events app and some charities, I learnt to spread the word with writing appearing in publications such as The Sunday Times,  The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, The Times and more. It was a fantastic experience which opened my eyes to how the media works and allowed me to apply it to other passions such as startups.

In 2011, I founded London Startups, a networking organisation that grew to become one of London’s biggest (2,400+ members). Technology startups met bimonthly to network, find investment and developers: a chance for a few drinks disguised as business. I have been business mentor to a few and launched a couple of successful Kickstarter campaigns (£150,000+ funding raised).

Other interests

  • Brazilian martial art, Capoeira
  • WordPress websites
  • Time-efficient cooking
  • LatestDeals

Welcome to my blog, it, like life, is a work in progress.

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